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Marcelo Brodsky

Artist & Human Rights Activist, Guest Speaker, London

Marcelo Brodsky spoke at Sotheby’s Institute of Art—London on May 3, 2017.

Marcelo Brodsky, artist and human rights activist, grew up in the Floresta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. He left Argentina for Spain in response to the military coup of 1976 and its State Terror which saw the execution of thousands of popular activists, students, workers intellectuals and progressive militants. Brodsky received an MA in Economics at the University of Barcelona and went on to study photography at the city’s International Center of Photography. In Barcelona he published his first book, a compilation of poems on Exile: Paràbola (Words) . In 1984, when the military dictatorship ended, he returned to Argentina. In 1996 Brodsky created Buena Memoria (Good Memory), a visual essay that deals with collective memory during the years of the dictatorship. Good Memory has been exhibited more than 250 times in different formats, in public spaces and institutions around the world. There have been many other projects including Nexo (2001), the photonovella Once @ 9:53 (2011) which combines reporting and fiction, and a number of Visual Correspondences books produced in collaboration with other artists, including Martin Parr. In 2013, he produced I pray with my feet, a work dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Marshall Meyer, which presents a direct line between the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and the Human Rights Movement in Argentina. His most recent work includes "Foundational Myth", a piece on the history of the Colombian conflict, "1968, the Fire of Ideas" a visual essay that rescues the ideas of the movement of 1968 around the world, and "Migrants", a project on migration in different generations, including the current crisis in the Mediterranean.

Marcelo Brodsky is a member of Asociación Buena Memoria, an organization of human rights, and of the Management Council of the Memory Park, next to the Rio de la Plata, in honor of the victims of state terrorism. In 2008 he received the Human Rights Award, granted by Bnai Brith Argentina. In 2014 he founded Visual Action / Acción Visual, an organization dedicated to incorporating visual culture into human rights campaigns and to work in visual education:
His works are in the collections of, among others, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Tate Collection, London, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Jewish Museum, New York, National Museum of Fine Arts, Argentina, Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Center for Creative Photography of Tucson, Arizona, Sprengel Museum of Hannover, Santiago de Chile Museum of Memory and Human Rights, MALI Museum of Lima, Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art, State of São Paulo Pinacoteca, Princeton Art Museum, Tufts University Art Collection.

Marcelo Brodsky

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